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OK, I admit it. I have probably the most badly behaved dog on the face of this planet. Seriously. No joke.

When we got him five years ago, we decided to become responsible dog owners and took him to puppy obedience classes. He flunked puppy training. We then hired a personal trainer to come and attempt to work with him. She quit. We kinda gave up and just let him do his thing.

He won't come when he's called. He won't let us near him with a brush to groom him. He runs in fear and hides under the table when we run the bathwater. He takes certain pieces of dog food out of his dish and leaves them in various locations around the house. He won't let anyone near the front door of the house until we have him on his leash. The list goes on and on. We got him devil horns as his first Halloween costume for very good reason.

So, let's talk about that one doggie activity that is supposed to be fun for both dog owner and dog. FETCH.

Admission. Not surprisingly, Truffles has never quite grasped the concept of fetch. He loves to chase a ball, but never brings it back properly for you to throw it again. Instead, he brings it back to around two feet in front of you and looks at you hopefully as if he wants you to throw it. Make a move towards the ball, and he grabs it and backs up a little every time. Eventually he is about five feet away and still looking hopeful until you actually have to get up to get the ball and throw it for him.

Makes me tend to wonder whether he has us trained instead. But he's mine and I love him anyway.

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I LOVE Twitter. Do not get me wrong. Having it and my Blackberry is like having a little pocketful of friends wherever I go. Always someone to talk to or get an opinion from. And I dearly love all of my followers.

However, I do have some pet peeves about how some tweeps use it. I'm not there to lecture anyone, but this is my blog, so I can express my own opinion here.

#FollowFriday is a day to recognize your friends who you would like to give a shout out for others to possibly discover if they are not following already. Three things bother me about Follow Friday.

  • 1. People tweet meaningless lists all day which give me no real clue as to why anyone is following anyone else.
  • 2. People throughout the day only retweet (post again) the lists that include their name, not choosing their lists personally.
  • 3. People who use their own user name in every list they post.

Now, that said, there are a few that do creative #FollowFriday lists effectively. Take @Gary1980Arb or @Paulbritphoto. But they took the time with these and to come up with something more inventive than the average "name list" tweets.

The new list service that Twitter provides is cool in a pinch, but does anyone REALLY look at them? I guess time will tell as it is all relatively new.

I try very hard to do #FollowFriday justice for the friends I recommend. If I am not going to personalize it, I just feel like I should not do it at all for the week. I do still find that my best follows and followers have come from watching who my pals on Twitter are talking to.

Again, this is all strictly my opinion and not meant to preach to anyone on the use of Twitter.

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