Several years ago my daughter decided she wanted a dog. Problem is, we are both allergic. Being the good mother I am I researched dog breeds and discovered that shih tzus (or as I like to refer to emphasis on the first syllable) are great for people with allergies. Thus, I contacted a breeder and Truffles became a part of our family that Christmas.

Now, for anyone who does not know, shih tzus grow long hair. A lot. Very fast. Since he will not let us anywhere near him with a brush frequent trips to the groomer to get him trimmed are necessary. We started taking him about once every two months from the time he was a puppy.

About two years into the grooming trips, Truffles developed a nasty habit of biting the hands that groomed him. It got to the point that when the groomers at the doggie spa saw Truffles on the list for the day everyone mysteriously became ill. They suggested contacting our vet to get some suggestions to make him more manageable.

After speaking with the vet, over the next few visits we tried varying doses of benadryl. When that didn't even slow him down, we all agreed that it was time for a puppy prozac prescription. The vet suggested half a pill about an hour before he was to go to the spa. I took him in that first morning confident that the problem was resolved. When I picked him up that afternoon and mentioned that we had given him the pill that morning, his groomer looked at me in amazement and said, "He was SEDATED?".

Another phone call to the vet prompted upping the dose to a full pill. When I picked him up following the full pill dose, I could finally see a difference. He couldn't stand up to pee, but he had not bitten anyone. I spent the rest of that Saturday (and every one since then where he's had a grooming appointment) trying to keep him from falling off of the sofa.

My husband is on his way to pick Truffles up from the spa now, so I bet you can guess what I will be doing this Saturday. :)

Ellen XOXO